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Case Study - Raw Oil Import


Client Challenge : Palm Oil Import in Flexibags

One of our clients, involved in raw oil importation contacted us regarding a consignment of Palm Oil packed in a Flexibag inside a 20ft container. The container landed at The Mauritius Container Terminal and continuous leakage was noticed. The container had both panels bulged by about 20cm.


Bulged Container

Project Details
The operation consisted of transferring the container from port premises to the consignee's warehouse securely.

Roger’s Shipping Ltd Approach

When loss or damage occurs, we establish the cause of loss or damage, issue notice of loss/ letter of protest to the concerned parties, assess the degree of damage, and provide a full picture of the situation in a detailed survey report which should enable the insurer/consignee to properly consider whether the loss or damage is covered by the policy.


Estimate the cost of the cargo damage

After examining the loss and damage occurred to cargo, we estimated the cost of the goods and provided a survey report to the insurer, which was requested to be used as a reference for filing claim.

Also, we assisted the consignee in the salvation of the damaged cargo and segregation/mitigation of the damaged cargo in order to minimized the loss.

The operation of transferring the container from port premises to the consignee's warehouse was done as follows:

Step by step

Lashedcontainer The container was lashed and equipped with a metal frame in order to prevent any more damages/bulging during the transfer.
Container with metal frame  
Spillage Team

A spillage team was also present at all time during the transfer in case if the situation gets worse.

The law enforcement authorities were also present to escort the convoy at designated location by the consignee in a secured and professional manner.



  • Our client was more than satisfied with the way the operation was conducted in a stress-free manner and due to this we’ve built a long term business relationship with.
  • Our client was provided confidence that they will be treated with the utmost care and protection at every step of the journey.
  • After all, securing your business is a Rogers Shipping thing


Our range of work consists of the following:

  • Container inspection
  • Vehicle inspection
  • Damage cargo
  • Frozen fish, meat, vegetables
  • Fruits, etc

We also work with laboratories and pathologists, when required, to back our evidence.